I was 6 years old when I discovered my passion to create art. First it started with drawing the cartoons I seen on tv, then when I was middle school, it was western comic books and anime. Every time I would create art, I would visit a man who lived in the attic of the house I stayed in. While he was not an artist, but he gave great advice on how to become a better artist.

One day when I went to visit him and show my latest creation, he told me something I would never forget. He said to me: “Little buddy, millions of people around the world draw anime. Have you ever considered doing something different?” He then said to me: “That I need to find my own style of art, so distinct that people would know I created it even without me signing it. I did not know at the time, but that moment would become the cornerstone and driving force of my art journey.

I am a self-taught artist. I did not attend art school nor college; my family was too poor to afford it. Instead, I decided to teach myself everything I needed to know. For the next 20 years I studied art on my own. The internet was young, so there was no searching “how to paint” on YouTube and tutorials on how to use art software did not really exist. Everything I learned was through trial and error. Most of my attempts at creating original paintings would end up in failure.  Each failure became a stepping – stone to discovering my own style and method of art.